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10 Design Tips To Cut Major Maintenance Costs

White. Its’s stunning isn’t it? Simple elegance, a classic, it can elevate any space, and what modern designers will often suggest. But what financial repercussions will you face if you choose style or function?  In today’s blog post, our cleaning experts have put together tips on design mistakes to avoid and what you can do to save yourself headaches down the road.

Here’s what we learned over the years:

  1. Don’t buy that white leather chair or sofa for your lobby. It looks great but in 1 month you’ll be kicking yourself because of how dirty it always looks.

  2. Don’t use white or soft marble in your lobby. The soft marble will be destroyed from all your guest foot traffic.

  3. If you must already have or really want marble, have a proper Marble Maintenance Program. Marble needs regular care and maintenance to maintain its lustre and shine. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your marble for decades.

  4. Don’t use white, light grey, or light coloured carpet in high traffic areas. They are stain magnets and in 3 months you’ll need to spend another 50-100K to replace it.

  5. In fact, don’t use carpet at all.

  6. If you do choose or already have carpet, make sure you have a proper Carpet Maintenance Program. Avoid dry carpet cleaning or bonnet cleaning. Carpet, just like your hair, needs regular shampooing. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your carpets for years.

  7. Don’t use poured concrete flooring in your kitchen areas. The roughness of this surface is great for reducing slips and falls but it wears down quickly and acts as a dirt magnet for soil and food debris making it a pain to maintain clean. Invest in a good quality rubber flooring which covers and rises up from the floor to cover the baseboards as well. Put equipment like ovens/stoves on raised concrete to avoid gaps beneath where food and debris easily accumulate and are hard to clean.

  8. Don’t use polished brass or stainless steel. Brushed aluminum or brushed stainless steel look just as good and are much easier to maintain.

  9. Don’t use oil-based polishes on metalwork. It makes them look shiny but you’ll have oily fingerprints everywhere people touch. If you clean a surface properly, then it will look just as good without any polish. If it doesn’t look good, then your cleaner didn’t clean it properly.

  10. Hire a professional cleaning company that knows how to handle each and every square inch of your facility. The lowest price is not the best value. Having a professional cleaning company for your facility will help save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures in the long run.

For all of your cleaning needs, we are here for you. We pride ourselves as the best janitorial service in Toronto, we’re here to partner with you and together maximize your return on any facility investment you’re making. Have more burning questions about your facility space? Contact us now for a FREE consultation or Tell Us How We Can Help!

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