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The workplace is perhaps one of the busiest spaces with many people carrying out different activities. True, some form of office cleaning is typically followed daily or on a weekly basis, such as mopping, dusting and emptying the trash but what about deep down in your high-traffic carpet areas, upholstery, stained kitchen sinks and bathrooms? Ever look at your phone receiver and wonder how all that grey muck got there?

Studies have shown that your office desk, which appears squeaky clean to the naked eye, could also be home to 400 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Microbial pathogens such as E.coli, salmonella, coliforms, and norovirus, to name a few, are abundant in office equipment such as the keyboard and mouse, making employees susceptible to diseases like the flu, common colds, diarrhea, and pinkeye.

The same goes for other things such as carpets. Over time, your office carpet accumulates so much dirt, dust, microbes, and even molds, that it can pose health hazards to employees. Regular surface cleaning is not enough. What is really needed is a special type of cleaning that digs beneath the surface, also called deep office cleaning.

Deep office cleaning explores spaces and corners that are usually overlooked during regular cleaning. It digs into those hard-to-reach areas and cleans spots that can accumulate dirt and grime over time.

It can be scheduled periodically but some have found it beneficial to deep clean their workplace quarterly or even monthly.

Some benefits of deep cleaning include:

  • Increased productivity. When air vents are cleaned properly, workers don’t have to take time off due to sickness resulting from breathing polluted air or deal with allergies. This makes them more productive and increases their work output. A clean workplace facilitates fast thinking and increases productivity.

  • Employee health. Due to the high level of activities that go in an office, it is the perfect breeding ground for viruses. When they spread, workers get sick and operations will suffer. Deep cleaning ensures there are no breeding spots for these viruses and the workplace is safe.

  • Good impression. The state of your office says a lot about how you plan to handle business. Visitors will have an impression of you based on how they perceive your workplace. A dirty office often conveys the impression of disorganization and nobody wants to work with someone who doesn’t take care.

Many businesses in the Greater Toronto Area benefit from deep cleaning services from reputable companies like Mediclean. Our meticulous process ensures that your office is in pristine condition and safe for visitors and staff. We are passionate about maintaining ideal health conditions in the workplace and we can help you achieve your facility cleaning goals.

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