Cleaning Tips

Keep your Fomites Clean!

Do you constantly worry about what you touch and where you rest your hands? You certainly are not alone! The cleaning janitorial service industry, like many others, had to pivot to address new challenges. The pandemic has created in many people a sense of consciousness with regards to what they touch or the surfaces around them. The unsettling fear of contamination can be reduced with thorough and thoughtful fomite cleaning.

What is a fomite? Fomites are frequently touched, high-touchpoint objects or surfaces such as doorknobs, chair handles, elevator buttons and tabletops. Everyday objects in the world around us can play host to several bacteria and viruses including the novel Coronavirus. This takes cleaning on a whole new journey.

It is important that more than the usual attention be paid to frequently touched surfaces when cleaning. This involves frequent thorough cleaning with disinfectants and a keen eye to identify fomites.

Here at Mediclean, our goal is to offer deep cleaning that brings peace of mind. We want to help reduce the fear in your guests and staff as they step into your facility. With proper cleaning amid the pandemic, your space can be a safe haven.

Our workers are trained to recognize fomites and go the full length to ensure they are clean and safe. Wouldn’t you rather have us ensure your space is safe for your peace of mind?

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