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We Are Back At Our Stations


Prior to the year 2020, our mandate was to make buildings and facilities safe and conducive for human activities as a cleaning company and we carried this out for years with the highest level of professionalism. Even when the first and second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we refused to lower our standard. Instead, we intensified our procedures and rose to the challenge.

In the heat of the pandemic, Cleaning Service companies like Mediclean were called to bring a sense of calm to an unstable landscape and make it safe for essential workers, especially in the medical sector, to work and remain in the front lines of the war against the virus.

A lot was done to ensure that our standards remained optimal and exceed industry expectations. We fully supported our workers mental wellness, ensured they were not overworked and forced to cut corners, and even proceeded to re-train experienced cleaners in light of new knowledge, practices and safety protocols.

We recognized the intensity of the service we offered as a company during this challenging period. We’re thankful and proud of our team, of whom many chose to continue their critical work during uncertain times. Because of their dedication, buildings where essential services were rendered remained safe spaces and posed no danger to essential workers.

Toronto has entered Stage 3 Reopening and we can all feel the excitement in the air. While this means that more people can resume business and more centers and companies can welcome back clients, visitors and patients, we are mindful that this phase can potentially increase the risk and presence of new covid variants. We are not out of the woods just yet.

As a proactive cleaning service company, we are fully prepared to rise to the challenge and help you keep this virus at bay, no matter your facility needs.

One remarkable factor that contributed to our success against the COVID-19 pandemic was our foreknowledge and how we handled the SARS outbreak in Toronto. Adapting to that pattern, we are on red-alert for new outbreaks and our research team is pulling every muscle to ensure we are one step ahead and prepared with the right training and equipment to keep those who entrust us with the cleaning of their facilities safe.

While we rejoice with the rest of our great city as normalcy is gradually restored, we do not overlook our responsibility to help companies maintain a sanitary environment and carry on business undeterred by this pandemic or any yet to come.

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