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Lowest Turnover Rate In The Industry

Lowest Turnover Rate In The Industry Toronto

Should you care about the rate at which your cleaning service provider changes employees? Absolutely! While a high turnover rate can indicate a bad structure in an organization, it can also cost you more in the long run. Potential safety issues, drop in consistency, loss of quality of service are just a few points to consider when signing on with a cleaning company with a high employee turnover rate.

On the bright side, Mediclean boasts an industry record-breaking turnover rate of 22.6%. Safe to say, no cleaning company comes close.

Our obsession with cleaning and providing a professional touch means we hire only the best and most committed workers. We hold fast to our principle of not employing temporary workers from staffing agencies. To retain good people, we invest in training and empowerment, offer competitive wages and celebrate their achievements.

We don’t just care about maintaining stability in our company, we also care about giving you safe and quality service. Our low turnover rate provides an opportunity to bond with members of our team, giving you a sense of familiarity and security. At Mediclean we care about our business, we care about our people and most importantly we care about our clients and partners in success.

Let’s start a conversation on how you can get a cleaning service provider that values your property.

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