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Mediclean Inc. is a Canadian company with a focus on top-quality cleaning and customer satisfaction. Established in 1985 by our current CEO who realized that there was a lack of customized cleaning services in our industry. We understand that every building has its own unique needs and requirements. We know that there is more to a clean working environment than simply collecting waste and recycling material.

We want to be the most trusted resource for the maintenance of your facility. Our attention to detail is what separates us from our competitors and what has made us the best janitorial service company. Our expertise and immediate response to your needs is why you will never look back.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Offers

Mediclean serves the commercial, medical and hospitality industries in Toronto with unrivaled janitorial cleaning solutions. Our services are customized to meet your needs and provide access to 24/7 support. Highly-trained cleaning experts, use state-of-the-art cleaning technology, and the best environmentally-safe chemicals to clean your space.  

Avoid daily tenant complaints! Trust a commercial cleaning service provider that guarantees a round-the-clock service team and exceptional customer care practices.

Reputation is everything! Trusting your hospitality cleaning service to just anyone, is not an option. Learn how Mediclean can help you protect your brand and curb capital expenditures.

Safeguard your space! Mediclean offers high quality medical and dental office cleaning services that give medical practitioners and patients the confidence and peace of mind of a health-safe space.

Lifespan protection! Avoid carpet and upholstery wear-and-tear replacements and safeguard your investment with real, trusted solutions from Mediclean’s professional clean team.

As an industry partner, we got you! We can help you protect your space against health-threatening pathogens during and beyond this pandemic. Premium Packages starting at just $245!

Protect your investment! Is your marble floor or surface looking old and dull? We can help restore its luster with customized solutions at a fraction of the cost of replacing your floors or surfaces!

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Best Cleaning Service Toronto

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Customer Care

Mediclean is dedicated to providing all our customers with high quality customer service, which is what you deserve from the best janitorial service Toronto. It is our goal to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers in order to provide you with peace of mind.


We carry out on-site quality control inspections on a monthly basis. Deficiencies and hot spots are identified, reported, and projects are assigned to  our team for resolution. Checklists are created and signed when projects are completed to ensure resolution and proper records.


Customers have access to 24/7 support from us via mobile communications. All inquiries, emergency requests, and/or complaints may be forwarded to us for resolution.


To ensure customer satisfaction, we endeavor to respond to emergency requests and/or complaints within 3-4 hours of receiving notification of problem areas. Appropriate crews will be dispatched to service problem areas reported.


A follow-up visit is then scheduled to ensure communication of issues.

Why Mediclean?

We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and green environment. We have worked with our suppliers over the years to introduce green alternatives to our procedures and processes.

As a responsible corporation, we are committed to protecting human health, natural resources and the environment through sound business practices and operations.

We are vitally interested in the health and safety of everyone. Protection from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective.

We make every effort to provide a safe, healthy work environment. All of our team must be dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing risk of injury.

We are a professional building service contractor and expect our team to operate as such at all times while remaining consistent to the company’s goals and mission statement.

Our goal is to educate everyone in proper cleaning procedures. And to arm them with the skills and knowledge required to complete their work in a professional manner.

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