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The past months have affected all of us in different ways with many businesses here in Canada having to shut their office doors to workers and visitors. We have missed you and truly cannot wait to get back to work with you again.

COVID-19 Solutions

We have been anticipating and preparing for this moment behind the scenes! While the world was in lockdown, we enhanced our training manuals with a focus on sanitizing and disinfection best practices for our entire team, re-trained staff with online sessions, and invested in two lean, mean, Health Canada approved, sanitizing machines.

We are always here for your PEACE OF MIND, and now we are better prepared to stay true to our mission of providing exceptional cleaning service for the health and safety of our shared community. To combat any uncertainty and anxiety about reopening safely, we are pleased to offer two PREMIUM SOLUTIONS PACKAGES to meet your needs, at special introductory prices.

Clorox Total 360

The CLOROX TOTAL 360 Electrostatic Sprayer is a trusted name and brand. Powered with 18,000 sq ft/hour speed, and an exceptional 360-degree coverage on all surfaces, it is a one-step-treatment application solution ideal for large areas like banquet halls, fitness centers and office suites.

Combined with the Clorox Disinfectant & Sanitizer, this bad boy is effective on a wide range of pathogens, wiping out 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Blue Evolution Steam Cleaner

The BLUE EVOLUTION STEAM CLEANER heats water to 170 ° C fast to instantly annihilate even the most stubborn pathogens on any surface. Its high temperature easily cuts through grease and grime.

Perfect for detailing and deep cleaning showers, grouting, plus kitchens and other food prep areas. Its powerful UVC lamp and air purifier doubles the hygienic protection in a single machine. The system is HACCP certified.

COVID-19 Sanitization & Disinfection Solution That's Right for You.

Starting at just $245 for the first 1000sf!



Electrostatic spraying of all workstations, tables, chairs, ledges, cabinets, doors front/back, credenzas, appliances, phones, fixtures, & etc.
Electrostatic spraying of all washroom toilets, sinks, fixtures, walls, & etc.


As an industry partner, we’ve got you! Reopen your doors with confidence that the safety and wellbeing of your staff and customers is a guarantee. We can help you protect them against health-threatening pathogens during and beyond this pandemic.

Emergency Sanitization service available around the clock for any unforeseen snags too. Mediclean Inc. is open to all our partners 24/7, pandemic or not.

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