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Medical and dental office cleaning is distinct and demands extremely specialized effort and critical attention to detail. It’s our health on the line and the expectations should always be high. As such, medical facility cleaning services should only be trusted to years of experience and proven expertise. Mediclean has been servicing the healthcare industry since 1992 and has taken its early experience in the field of medical facility cleaning and used it to improve our quality of service as well as implement best practices.    

The Mediclean Assurance

We learned that the real focus lies on proper hygiene, sanitization and disinfection solutions using very specific cleaning methods, state-of-art machines and special disinfecting products, to create a pathogen-free environment and ensure a healthy, safe space for all patients and staff.


A healthy and sanitary environment is of high value to us and we are committed to constantly reevaluating and improving all our processes and practices to achieve this. This includes proper disinfecting of all fomites for any pathogenic microorganisms present in medical or dental office facilities. We use state of the art microfiber materials, which are color-coded to specific tasks, in order to prevent any cross-contamination of surfaces. Old rags and reusable cloths are a hazard waiting to happen.


Mediclean offers high quality medical and dental office cleaning services that give medical practitioners and patients the confidence and peace of mind they desperately need.

The Best Medical Cleaning Service Products

Mediclean has established close relationships with our suppliers over the years and proudly sources only the highest-standard cleaning products in the industry. We use QUAT disinfectants in our cleaning procedures and green, environmentally-friendly, and low-odour products and materials, helping minimize residue and waste, promoting healthy environments for your patients and staff.

Trust Your Medical Facility Cleaning Service to Professionals

Is your current cleaning service provider exceeding your needs? We suspect not, as you are here searching for answers and solutions. Trust Mediclean to meet and exceed all your medical facility cleaning service needs. It is time to rethink your medical building maintenance strategy.


You need a professional, experienced provider to ease your mind, put an end to ongoing tenant complaints and help you minimize capital expenditures.  If you are looking for professional medical and dental office cleaning, you can rely on Mediclean to customize a comprehensive cleaning plan that is safe and worry-free.  

We're the Best Medical Facility Cleaning Service Toronto Team at Your Service. Are You ready to Clean House and Partner With Us?

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