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Mediclean serves the commercial, medical and hospitality industries in Toronto with unrivaled janitorial cleaning solutions. Our services are customized to meet your needs and provide access to 24/7 support. Highly-trained cleaning experts, use state-of-the-art cleaning technology, and the best environmentally-safe chemicals to clean your space. 

Commercial Cleaning Services

Combining our expertise in top hygienic cleaning practices and particular attention to detail gained from the Medical and Hospitality industries respectively; we began servicing Commercial & Industrial facilities in 2007. Commercial property managers quickly learned this value-added feature of expertise, was priceless. They were entrusting their commercial cleaning needs to a company armed with years of learned experience.


Avoid daily tenant complaints! Trust a commercial cleaning service provider that guarantees a round-the-clock service team and exceptional customer care practices.

Hotel & Hospitality Cleaning Services

As a celebrated hotel owner, hospitality manager or housekeeping executive, you are already aware that cleanliness plays a critical role in your ratings and overall guest experience. You worked hard for your reputation and labor tirelessly to retain its integrity. A clean hotel speaks volumes to how it is managed and how you protect your brand.


Reputation is everything! Trusting your hospitality cleaning service to just anyone, is not an option. Learn how Mediclean can help you protect your brand and curb capital expenditures.

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Over the years, we learned that the real focus of medical facility cleaning lies in proper hygiene.  Sanitization and disinfection solutions using very specific cleaning methods, state-of-art machines and special disinfecting products, create a pathogen-free environment and ensure a healthy, safe space for all patients and staff.

Safeguard your space! Mediclean offers high quality medical and dental office cleaning services that give medical practitioners and patients the confidence and peace of mind of a health-safe space.

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Specialized Commercial Cleaning Service Toronto

Customized Solutions to Suit Every Budget

COVID-19 Sanitization & Disinfection

We are always here for your peace of mind, and during these unprecedented times, we are better prepared to stay true to our mission of providing exceptional cleaning service for the health and safety of our shared community. To combat any uncertainty and anxiety about reopening safely, we are pleased to offer two premium packages to meet your needs.


As an industry partner, we got you! We can help you protect your space against health-threatening pathogens during and beyond this pandemic. Premium Packages starting at just $245!

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

At Mediclean, we understand that your carpet is a major facility investment.  In professional carpet cleaning and maintenance, cutting corners is not an option. First impressions count, so when welcoming guests or clients to your place of work, we know you want to impress. It would be a shame to let built up dirt, debris and annoying allergens ruin their overall experience.


Lifespan protection! Avoid carpet and upholstery wear-and-tear replacements and safeguard your investment with real, trusted solutions from Mediclean’s professional clean team.

Marble Polishing & Restoration Services

Stunning natural stones like marble, limestone, terrazzo, granite and travertine are often used in building facilities to capture beauty, luxury and enhance architectural design. From grand hotel foyers, to kitchen work areas to flooring and staircases, stone is a durable solution for high-traffic areas and surfaces. Over time, constant wear-and-tear and daily use can leave scuff marks and scratches that are difficult to ignore. Grinding away usage damage, expertly polishing and sealing the surface can restore your marble to its original glory.

Mediclean’s marble restoration team can provide unsurpassed industry experience solutions and help safeguard the natural beauty of your investment. Let us help restore your marble’s luster with customized solutions at a fraction of the cost of replacing your floors or surfaces!

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