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At Mediclean, we understand that your carpet is a major facility investment.  In professional carpet cleaning and maintenance, cutting corners is not an option. First impressions count, so when welcoming guests or clients to your place of work, we know you want to impress. It would be a shame to let build-up dirt, debris and annoying allergens ruin their overall experience. Avoid carpet and upholstery wear-and-tear replacements and safeguard your investment with real, trusted solutions from Mediclean’s professional carpet cleaning service Toronto team.

Carpet Cleaning Service Plans Save You Thousands

A safe and simple maintenance plan can successfully prolong your carpet’s lifespan.  The key to good carpet and upholstery maintenance is preventing stubborn loose dirt and dust mites from settling in the fibers. Inevitably, these nasty particles can cause discoloration and trap unpleasant odors. Mediclean uses the best and safest cleaning methods, ensuring residual chemicals that cause re-soiling, are not left behind. Our top-rated carpet cleaning system, combined with our powerful cleaning techniques, kill 99% of harmful bacteria and dragged-in dirt that settles deep down. Trust Mediclean’s carpet cleaning Toronto experts to keep your carpets clean, fresh and looking beautifully new.

Remove Unsightly Stains

That water stain become an eye-soar in your beautiful office? Don’t stress. Spilling accidents, water leaks and soiled winter boots happen. Put our professional carpet cleaning Toronto team to the test. Years of on-site experience with luxury hotels, medical facilities and commercial offices, PLUS certified carpet treatment training is critical and necessary when it comes to stains.


Our technicians have successfully removed thousands of unsightly stains, so whatever your stubborn or hard-to-remove problem stain may be, we’ll make it disappear.

Dust Mite Free Facility

Partnering with Mediclean for your carpet cleaning needs, means you can provide the safest and healthiest environment for your guests, clients or patients in your work space. Hay fever, asthma and allergies are uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable when triggered by dust mites or poor air quality. We provide specialized dust mite removal service to keep your space clean and germ-free.

Fresh is in the Air

Unpleasant odours are often caused by lingering carpet contaminants. Mediclean’s professional carpet cleaning Toronto team are experienced technicians, specializing in removing 99% of workplace pollutants.  Our safe micro-bacterial removal and sanitization services can instantly neutralize bad odours and freshen up your carpets and upholstery, extending their lifespan.

Professional Grade Carpet Cleaning Products

Mediclean has established close relationships with our suppliers over the years and proudly sources only the highest-standard cleaning products in the industry. We follow best practices and guidelines and only use professional grade chemicals and equipment certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute. All our cleaning products are certified and Wool-Safe.



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