Recruitment & Training

Mediclean Inc. is a professional building service contractor. We expect our team to operate as professionals at all times and remain consistent to the company’s goals and mission statement. We are members in good standing of the Building Service Contractors Association International ( and adhere to all their standards and code of ethics. Our goal is to educate everyone in proper cleaning procedures. To arm them with the skills and knowledge required to complete their work in a professional manner.


  1. All our team must have training and knowledge specific to their assigned duties.
  2. They must show competence in following proper procedures for cleaning their assigned areas.
  3. They must maintain high performance in the cleaning quality of their assigned areas.
  4. They must possess knowledge in all aspects of our industry.
  5. They must abide by all Health and Safety regulations.
  6. They must adhere to all facility Codes of Conduct.
  7. We use a mobile GPS solution to maintain on-site service records and communications.
  8. Service quality inspections are carried out with customers on a regular basis.
  9. Service quality performance reviews of facilities are carried out on a regular basis.
  10. The latest equipment and practices are available to our team to continuously improve their industry knowledge, efficiency, and productivity.


Mediclean Inc. has an industry-leading low turnover rate of 22.6%.