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Cleaning, Sanitizing Or Disinfecting?

Best Sanitizing And Disinfecting Solutions Toronto

Don’t they all mean the same thing? Does it matter which one you’re getting? No, they don’t mean the same thing and yes, it is important to know which commercial cleaning service you are getting.

Did you know that Mediclean has been using disinfectants as part of all our cleaning service processes well before the first SARS outbreak hit Toronto in 2002-2003? True fact.

Understanding the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting helps you understand their process and their advantages and ultimately helps you pick a service that will best meet your facility cleaning goals.

Here are what they individually mean and their differences.

Cleaning: This refers to the removal of germs, soil and impurities from any surface. However, cleaning only removes germs but does not kill them. This means that these germs are still active and can be transferrable. However, it lowers the number of germs on a surface and the risk of spreading infection. Cleaning also makes surfaces appealing.

Sanitizing: Sanitizing takes it a step further and is a great option when cleaning commercial kitchens. Sanitizers are just diluted disinfectants in fact, but the dilution is important because while disinfectants kill cells, you certainly don’t want this residue where food is prepared. You risk guests ingesting it and becoming sick. Sanitizing makes a surface sanitary and free from contaminants. This kills or reduces the number of bacteria present on that surface but does nothing about viruses or fungus. While this is an upgrade from regular cleaning, it still doesn’t give 100% protection from harmful viruses.

Disinfecting: Disinfecting goes the full length in securing your surface or surrounding from anything harmful. For instance, imagine a surface with 1000 viruses. Disinfecting that surface guarantees that you are getting rid of 1000 viruses with nothing left.

Disinfecting is best for areas that are hotspots for viruses such as gyms, pool areas, showers and trash collection sites. Although this requires the professional use of special chemicals and disinfectants, it is important that this is done for maximum efficiency in maintaining a sanitary and safe environment.

It may be hard deciding what is best for your space but why worry when there are professionals, like us, to do that for you. With more than 30 years in the industry, we know when to do what. Let’s help you give your space the cleaning it needs!

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