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Mediclean Is Good For The Environment

Do you sometimes wonder what chemicals are used in cleaning and if they negatively affect your health and the environment?

With growing concerns about our environment and health, it is important that your cleaning service provider takes this into consideration as we do here at Mediclean. We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and green space.

Since 2005, we have been using a wide range of Green Certified products in many of our applications; from general cleaning to carpet cleaning and beyond. We have collaborated with suppliers over the years to create environmentally-friendly alternatives to products we use.

Our choice of products includes Enviro solutions chemicals from Swish which carries the Green seal and are Eco Logo approved and exceed LEED requirements where possible. Disposable paper products and supplies used are also Green Seal approved. Plastic waste and recycling liners meet the minimum requirements of 10% post-consumer recycled content.

Even in what may be considered small matters such as noise pollution, Mediclean pays the most attention. All our cleaning equipment are electric-powered and do not exceed a sound level of 70dBA and are also equipped with HEPA filters.

Our staff are also trained to make healthy and environmentally sound decisions while performing their duties. Regular training means our team stays updated as we regularly review our policies to ensure we are consistent in giving you the best cleaning service.

Do you care about the environment as much as we do? Then let’s work together to make our working space safer, cleaner, better.

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